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Palm Dictate Dictation Recorder

Palm Dictate is a professional voice recorder for Palm OS. You dictate directly on your Palm PC
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23 September 2007

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Digital dictation is the order of the day in present times with every process becoming digitized and computerized; this vital process has also been automated. Digital dictation is a method of recording and editing spoken language and real time transcription of the words in a digital audio format. This digital recording process holds manifold advantages over a traditional recording process done by a cassette tape; which majorly includes multiple rewind and fast forwarding the dictation and file transfer can be facilitated through the net, unlike a conventional tape. Palm Dictate Dictation Recorder 1.00 is an application which contains these benefits and further functionalities to help the user in successfully saving time and energy.

Palm Dictate Dictation Recorder opens with a compact interface and works efficiently on a palm PC. The functionalities can be effectively worked out with the help of some simple steps. This professional voice recorder for Palm OS facilitates dictating directly to the Palm PC using buttons on the unit. Further, when the dictation is over, the user can tap and send the dictation compressed and encrypted and can be sent to the typist immediately over the e-mail automatically. The user friendly operation of the application makes it easy to use for day to day requirements and will save on considerable amount of time and energy and contribute to productivity. The flexibility of recording on this device makes operations immensely simple and even overwrites on the already recorded text. The simple and hassle free operations of this software makes it easy to maneuver it for any kind of recoding and makes office functions immensely effortless.

To conclude, Palm Dictate Dictation Recorder 1.00 certainly proves to be a constructive utility which offers fresh approach to conventional work processes and hence gets a rating score of four points for its effortless working and practical usage.

Publisher's description

Palm Dictate is a professional voice recorder for Palm OS. You dictate directly on your Palm PC using the buttons on the unit. When done, tap send and the dictation will be compressed, encrypted and sent to your typist by email automatically.
The software is designed to have all the features you need as easy to use as possible and reliable for day-to-day operation. If you install Palm Dictate you will quickly find it will replace your old dictaphone and, by using the internet to send dictations, will improve the turnaround on typing.
~ Record and playback dictation using the buttons on the Palm PC. For ease of use, operation is designed to closely mimic that of old style dictation recorders. For example, you record by holding down the record button on the side of your Palm PC. Release the button to stop. To continue from where you were press it down again. You can also playback, rewind, insert or overwrite as required using the keys on the front.
~ Editing, inserting and overwriting. You can select between record overwrite, record insert and record end modes.
~ Optional voice activated recording. When selected Palm Dictate only records while you are speaking.
~ Automatic compression of audio files to reduce upload times and storage requirements.
~ Encryption of recordings prior to transmission to comply with patient or client confidentiality requirements.
~ Sends recording in compressed wave (wav) or dictation (dct) file formats.
Palm Dictate Dictation Recorder
Palm Dictate Dictation Recorder
Version 1.0
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